Der Yiddisher Carpenter

Yiddish Farm Greenhouse

Folks are somtimes surprised when they see me with a toolbelt. Another cultural preudice. Where else have I seen a Jewish Carpenter? I've spent most of my adult life building things, or teaching other folks how to build things. At 59, I still spend a good deal of my time building things and fixing things.

I got my start as an estranged teen at Bronx High School of Science, which I was admitted to after failing the entrance exam because of the fact that I was living in a poor Bronx neighboorhood. My 2 favorite classes there were gym and shop, strangly called "Science Techniques Laboratory".

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the folks I learned my trade from.

The serious summer South Carolina redneck crew I worked with sweating and framing camp cabins.

The Itialian company I worked a year with buliding high end houses in North New Jersey. An equal opportunity to get colorfully cursed out. Greatly skilled craftsman. Castilanno, Vinnie "Think like a raindrop" which explained to me instantly everything there is to know about roofing and siding. Friday after work beer!