My Web Sites

Over the years I have built and run several websites using a wide range of technologies, ranging from static HTML with custom Perl CGI scripts to more modern CMS systems including Moodle, Drupal and CMS Made Simple.

These are currently on line

Congregation Beth Hillel This is the only surviving CMS Made Simple site. The name says it all. It works, is easy to understand and set up.

Amoodle Moodle is a CMS designed for distance instruction. It's been up for roughly 5 years, and is still being used. Before I retired from teaching, I had all my course materials, grades and all that there.

Szelrozsa This was my band, which sadly has broken up. This is my first Drupal site.

Klezmer class Very basic, just minimal html and css on free but quite restricted web space.

I also have done a few more which have gone to a better place, including the 1st Goshen School District siite, Music Instute of the Catskills, and the Goshen Bicentennial websites.