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I have built various sites ranging from the first Goshen School District website to my Music School, 2 bands, this site, a defunct e-commerce site, and a Feldenkrais site. Technologies have ranged from hand coding and custom Perl to Drupal, Moodle, CMS Made Simple and OpenSis. Drupal is my current favourite.

Move Be Well
Congregation Beth Hillel
Surround Our Schools



My collection of Klezmer and other East European Music for C instruments, done in Lilypond
LilyPond is a music engraving program that takes plain text (like d8 a4 d8 a4 g8 f4 e8 g8 f4 g8. a16 bf g for the sequence above) and turns it into easily shared .pdf and .midi files.
Freescobaldi is an editor that is customized for writing Lilypond files.


Hintlehoize (henhouse)

Mit der bester frum, female, framer

What to do with the material left over from the house project?


Some notes on bringing back a Pro-lite 1000 from the dead.


Many years ago, my school district spent boo-koo money on 3 CNC machines, a router, mill and a lathe. Including some very complex and expensive software (MasterCam). Sadly, these machines have not gotten very much use, and eventually what with computer and software upgrades and all, sat abandoned for years.

My former student, now the only tech teacher in the school has managed to get the router back on line using Linux and mostly open source software. Great job, Joey. I retired.


A Gid Tannenbaum production..on clawhammer banjo.

German Goldenshteyn's Travels

This Moldavin tune comes here from German Goldenshteyn, was recorded in New York with Appalachian Clawhammer Banjo and has since travelled in this from Europe to Pine Bush to Los Angeles and Norway. I play the fiddle and banjo in the recording, thanks to the magic of Audacity.

Store Per & Vesle

This is a link to a very cool Norwegian short movie about two brothers and a calfskin

California Version

This is a promo for Berkley/Oakland Jewish Community Center Yiddish Program

Elzing's Farewell

Elzing's Farewell is one of those magical old-time tunes you can play for hours, especially very late at night. The poik is an East European marching drum with a small cymbal on top. Thanks, Roberta and Scott for the beautiful accompaniment.


This is a Sukkoth I built recently for my Synagogue. My own design.

Tutti Rocky Pallet


My sketch of a Gypsy-North Georgia mashup and a test of my store.
You can download the tune for a make believe dollar. This was a test for a real on line store I was working on.

Price: $0.99

My Web Sites

Over the years I have built and run several websites using a wide range of technologies, ranging from static HTML with custom Perl CGI scripts to more modern CMS systems including Moodle, Drupal and CMS Made Simple.

These are currently on line

Congregation Beth Hillel This is the only surviving CMS Made Simple site. The name says it all. It works, is easy to understand and set up.

Amoodle Moodle is a CMS designed for distance instruction. It's been up for roughly 5 years, and is still being used. Before I retired from teaching, I had all my course materials, grades and all that there.

Linux Term Sever

Linux in the classroom


Schools spend tremendous amounts of money on computer hardware and
software as well as the electricity, training, infrastructure and
tech support to keep it running. This includes hidden costs such as
maintaining accurate software inventories in the event of an audit by
the software association. In my opinion it is overkill to have a
full blown computer with an individual operating system sitting on
every desk when there is an inexpensive, reliable and free
alternative available.


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