Country and Eastern?


These are tunes that to my ear, live somewhere in between Moldova and Appalachia.
There is a lot of commonality (and differences) between old time and Klezmer etc, but a lot are in 2/4, are played for dances, have 8 or 16 bar parts and follow similar maps (AA,BB or AA,BB,CC etc). The downbeat is emphasized in Moldavia and the upbeat in Georgia (USA). But to me, a dance tune is a dance tune and it's fun to play with the styles.

I've also decided that I can pass for an old guy in either genre.


Foyer Verde/Bleter Grine/Green Leaves

A medley 2/3 Romanian, 1/2 Appalachian. Schwartz's Serba, Foyer Verde, and 'Goin Back to Israel"

Green Leaves, Green Leaves... In every country the rich get richer while the poor "light in dread a kilometer". (Lie a mile below the ground. i.e. in some kind of hell)



A Yiddish song based on the poetry of Itzik Manger. The late night adventures of a man with no place to go. "7 mice and one more are sleeping on the floor. Of course, 7 mice and one more, that is 8. So I put on my hat and walked out the door. To a bar with 2 drunks and a bottle. 2 drunks and a bottle, of course that makes 3. Should I be number 4?

Greasy Coat

"I don't kiss, and I don't tell and all you sinners can go to hell".

Milwalkee Blues

One of the canonical Charlie Poole Tunes. I'm playing mandolin and singing, with Gene Mueller on the banjo and echos. It is also one of our 2 tunes with an appearance of the bow-legged woman, but not on this recording : )


Many times when I lose focus practising classical violin I wake up finding that I am playing something original. This one works as a bluegrass or klezmer-ish tune. Here is the mando version with Yaniv on the backup parts. Just a field recording, first play thru.




My collection of Klezmer and other East European Music for C instruments, done in Lilypond
LilyPond is a music engraving program that takes plain text (like d8 a4 d8 a4 g8 f4 e8 g8 f4 g8. a16 bf g for the sequence above) and turns it into easily shared .pdf and .midi files.
Freescobaldi is an editor that is customized for writing Lilypond files.



A Gid Tannenbaum production..on clawhammer banjo.

German Goldenshteyn's Travels

This Moldavin tune comes here from German Goldenshteyn, was recorded in New York with Appalachian Clawhammer Banjo and has since travelled in this from Europe to Pine Bush to Los Angeles and Norway. I play the fiddle and banjo in the recording, thanks to the magic of Audacity.

Store Per & Vesle

This is a link to a very cool Norwegian short movie about two brothers and a calfskin

California Version

This is a promo for Berkley/Oakland Jewish Community Center Yiddish Program

Elzing's Farewell

Elzing's Farewell is one of those magical old-time tunes you can play for hours, especially very late at night. The poik is an East European marching drum with a small cymbal on top. Thanks, Roberta and Scott for the beautiful accompaniment.


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