Greasy Coat

"I don't kiss, and I don't tell and all you sinners can go to hell".

Milwalkee Blues

One of the canonical Charlie Poole Tunes. I'm playing mandolin and singing, with Gene Mueller on the banjo and echos. It is also one of our 2 tunes with an appearance of the bow-legged woman, but not on this recording : )


A Gid Tannenbaum production..on clawhammer banjo.

German Goldenshteyn's Travels

This Moldavin tune comes here from German Goldenshteyn, was recorded in New York with Appalachian Clawhammer Banjo and has since travelled in this from Europe to Pine Bush to Los Angeles and Norway. I play the fiddle and banjo in the recording, thanks to the magic of Audacity.

Store Per & Vesle

This is a link to a very cool Norwegian short movie about two brothers and a calfskin

California Version

This is a promo for Berkley/Oakland Jewish Community Center Yiddish Program

Elzing's Farewell

Elzing's Farewell is one of those magical old-time tunes you can play for hours, especially very late at night. The poik is an East European marching drum with a small cymbal on top. Thanks, Roberta and Scott for the beautiful accompaniment.

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